Chablis is a town well-known throughout the world for its prestigious wine, which comes from the grape variety Chardonnay, a wine that is often imitated, yet never equalled.
Visiting the numerous cellars is an absolute must, and the winemakers of Chablis will be pleased to offer you a tasting of the "fruit of their labours".
Organized guided excursions-accompanied by a certified guide of the region-can be arranged upon request.
In addition, Chablis reserves for you a treasured history encompassing periods both difficult and glorious. 
The town's Office Tourisme will be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction, and can give you all the brochures and documents that you need.
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Various regional activities are being organized all year-round: The Festival of Flowers and Wine, the Hunting Festival, the Beer Festival, and especially the renowned St Vincent Tournante, which will be held in 2011. St Vincent being the Patron of grapes, wine and winemakers and festival is the big event for all Burgundy winelover's.
Sporty types will find, as well, many different activities sush as: walking and hiking, biking-both road and mountain-, fishing, equestrian activities, tennis, etc....
And for those even more adventurous, there is the possibility of Hot AIR Balloon outing that can be organized with scheduled departures from Vézelay.
During your visit to Chablis it is also very lovely to discover and get to know the interesting towns and historial sites close by: Auxerre, Tonnerre, Noyers, St Fargeau, Pontigny, Vézelay...etc...
The contructrion site of the medieval fort of "GUEDELON" is an absolute must and real treat for children of all ages.